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Walid Malik Featured on Generation 1 Podcast: 100 Years in Germany Family History



Walid Malik, a child rights advocate and researcher based in Berlin, Germany shares the story of his family’s 100-year history in Germany in the first episode of ‘Generation 1’, Senior Fellow. In 1923, his great-great-uncle Malik Ghulam Farid, one of the first Imams of Ahmadiyya Islam, arrived in Berlin from British India. It was a year when Adolf Hitler attempted to overthrow the Weimar Republic, hyperinflation rose, and minorities became targets nationwide. 1923 was a year that inevitably draws parallels to our democracy today.

What was the life of Walid’s great-great-uncle like during this time? What challenges did the Muslim communities and other marginalized communities in Berlin face? And how does the research affect Walid personally?

‘Generation 1’ focuses on the experiences of first-generation migrants and refugees who immigrated from South Asia to the German-speaking world. The podcast talks with them and their descendants about migration, settling in, and staying.

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