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Senior Fellow Saim Saeed publishes Article in Politico about Air and Rail Refund Rights Amid Mass Coronavirus Cancellations



Senior Fellow Saim Saeed has co-authored the article “Mass Coronavirus Cancellations squeeze Air and Rail Refund Rights” published by Politico. Millions of passengers are unsuccessfully trying to get their money back for canceled airfares and train trips due to Coronavirus. EU air passenger rights legislation stipulates that in the event of a cancellation, passengers are entitled to rebook to the next available flight or at another time of their choosing and if they do not want an alternative, they can choose a refund. Passengers have complained that some companies do not provide a refund option. It’s not just individual travellers complaining, business travel agencies are also finding it difficult to get their money back. Interested in learning more? You can access the full article here.