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Senior Fellow Ben Allen Passes Single-Use Plastic Reduction Legislation



Humanity in Action Senior Fellow and California State Senator representing the 26th District Ben Allen has introduced and successfully passed legislation to reduce the sale and use of single-use plastic. The bill passed with bi-partisan support.

The legislation will establish a comprehensive framework to address the pollution and waste crisis, and sets a statewide goal that manufacturers reduce the waste generated by single-use packaging and products by 75% after 2030. The bills requires Cal Recycle to conduct a stakeholder process to develop regulations that 1) require manufacturers and retailers to design their packaging to reduce unnecessary waste and improve recyclability or compostability of the packaging, and require all single-use packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable after 2030; 2) identify the top ten most littered single-use plastic products and require these to be manufactured with only recyclable or compostable material; 3) develop incentives and policies to encourage in-state manufacturing using recycled material generated in California.California Senate

“We have a waste and pollution crisis on our hands.”
– Senator Ben Allen

The bill (SB 54) has support from over 100 cities, as well as from waste management companies and environmental organizations. It now passes to the California state Assembly for consideration.

Humanity in Action is honored to recognize the achievements of its Fellows and Senior Fellows. Their work is the engine that drives our mission of forwarding human rights, pluralism and democracy within our societies.

Find the California State Senate press release here.