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HIA BiH at “Widening vs. Deepening: a Dilemma for the EU and the WB?” public discussion



Western Balkans Reflection Forum Think Tank network organized a Public Discussion on the topic “Widening vs. Deepening: a Dilemma for the EU and the WB?” in Tirana, Albania.

HIA BiH National Director Dr. Jasmin Hasić,  participated in the event which included discussions about the strategic agenda of the EU, national perspectives towards EU integration and implications for Albania’s accession prospects.

This event, as the previous one last year, is part of  a multifaceted initiative launched in 2015 in support of the Berlin Process: the Western Balkans Reflection Forum initiative. This initiative, launched by a network of European think-tanks and backed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of several Member States, brings EU and WB6 academic researchers and practitioners together in the advancement of an inclusive, strategic, policy-oriented reflection on the future of the EU-WB relations. This reflection goes beyond the agenda of Summits,
cuts across EU policy frameworks and takes into account the national sensibilities of the Member States vis-à-vis enlargement. The event follows the Poznán Summit and European elections, precedes the next Council meeting of 15th October and Brexit and echoes several important developments within the WB6 region.