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New project: “Solidarity in Action! Education, Activism, Cooperation”



We know how many challenges await those involved in activism and educating about human rights, democratic values, tolerance or difficult history. We also know how important it is to have support, a sense of community and a moment to breathe. We want to strengthen and support you in your actions, so we are launching a new project “Solidarity in Action! Education, Activism, Cooperation”.

We encourage people to participate who:

  • work in or manage an NGO working for human rights, minority and/or disadvantaged groups;
  • are teachers/scholars who are interested in topics such as human rights, history education, European education and democracy education;
  • are activists for human rights, minority and disadvantaged groups;
  • feel fatigue, discouragement or burnout in their work or activism;
  • need support and reinforcement;
  • want to meet people who work in similar areas to you;
  • want to become part of a nationwide network of people working for democracy, human rights, and civic education in the spirit of tolerance, solidarity and openness.

What we offer:

* Empowering live meetings in the form of regeneration-networking conventions in one of three groups:

  • NGO employees (18-20.01.2024)
  • activists (09-11.05.2024) 
  • teachers (08-10.08.2024)

* Online meetings to discuss, share good practices, discuss, support and learn from each other in a wider group, creating a nationwide network.