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Eric Otieno edits special issue of PERIPHERIE Journal



The special issue of PERIPHERIE Journal was edited by Senior Fellow Eric Otieno together with Anne Reiff, Aram Ziai, Dustin Schäfer and Sabrina Keller.

The issue looks back at the failures and successes of the ‘Movement of Movements’ of the 1990s and early 2000s, and draws crucial lessons for the contemporary moment. In the first of three peer-reviewed articles, Aram Ziai argues that even as some postcolonial queries remain unresolved in retrospect, the legacy of the Alterglobalisation movement include institutional reform and a new understanding of politics.

In the second article, Anne Reiff, develops a postcolonial-feminist critique of the concept of co-optation in the context of the Alterglobalisation movement and participatory Word Bank reform.

Janet Conway, in the third article of the issue, reappraises the much discussed World Social Forum as contact zone, asking whether it can be considered as being simultaneously cosmopolitan and colonial.

The special issue is enriched by an intervention by Walden Bello, who reconstructs the remarkable career of the term Deglobalisation. He initially coined the term with colleagues at Focus on the Global South two decades ago. Additionally, a panel discussion titled Our World is not for Sale!, featuring Frauke Banse, Friederike Habermann, Jai Sen and Peter Wahl and hosted by Aram Ziai (as part of a Webinar series in September 2020), takes stock of the Alterglobalisation movement from both an activist and a scholarly perspective, and is available open access. Brief outlines of the keywords Globalisation and Alterglobalisation by Christoph Scherrer and Eric Otieno respectively concluded the special issue.

The issue is rounded off by a comprehensive open-access reviews section featuring recent books on Queer Development Studies, Transregional Migration, Self determination, African Decolonization, Washington’s Anticommunist crusade and Battles in the WTO by authors including (but not limited to) Adom Getachew, Quinn Slobodian, Philmon Ghirmai, Heiner Flassbeck, Corinne Mason and Miriam Friz Trzeciak.

The Special issue, published in German, can be viewed, ordered or accessed via institutional channels here.