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An Intersectional Feminist Approach to Migration Policy



Janine Röttgerkamp wrote an article for Women in Foreign Policy, titled ‘Why an Intersectional Feminist Approach to Migration Policy is Important and How You Can Contribute.’ In this article, she sheds light on the importance of an intersectional migration policy and the way to contribute in creating change.

Introducing the topic, Janine reflects back on her volunteering time at the European external border in Calais/Dunkirk in France. Through this experience, she explains noticing a big gender and diversity gap in migration policy.

She states: On-site there are predominantly women and people with different ethnic or religious backgrounds volunteering, whereas when you look into who holds decision power in politics, you will find mostly white men.

Throughout the article, Janine discusses the discourse around migration and argues that our current migration policies are centered around national security, when they should be focused around human security instead. Unfolding the vulnerable groups in migration processes, she further supports her opinion claiming that a feminist foreign policy approach in international politics is key to a sustainable and equal global future.

You can find Janine’s full article on this Women in Foreign Policy page.