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Anti-feminism: The patriarchy is rearing its head



Senior Fellow Carolin Wiedemann was featured in Artes feminism magazine’s video series “KREATUR” (Creature). The episode, titled “Anti-feminism: The patriarchy rears its head” focuses on the countermovement of feminism – antifeminism.

Anti-feminists are people who want to prevent the equality, equal rights, and self-determination of women*. The latest anti-feminism is an aggressive rebellion of patriarchy, and feel particularly threatened and challenged by queer feminism. Feminists laud today’s queer feminism, as it critiques and challenges the gender binary. Anti-feminists, on the other hand, want to preserve the gender binary in order to preserve the privileges of men and “traditional” gender roles at all costs. Carolin explains how right-wing populists and extremists have latched onto anti-feminism, which goes hand in hand with Antisemitism and racism.

You can watch the full episode here (in German).