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Aisha Fukushima receives the Trailblazer Diversity and Inclusion Award



Senior Fellow Aisha Fukushima received the first ever Trailblazer Diversity and Inclusion Award from Whitman College, her Alma mater.

According to this article announcing the recognition, this award “recognizes alumni whose work exemplifies inclusion, promotes equity, and values and reflects the diversity of our world: gender identity and expression, sexuality, race, ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomic class, disability, religion, spirituality, age cohort, and the infinite other dimensions that intersect to make each person unique.”

To celebrate this achievement, Aisha was featured in the universities magazine. A photo of this page can be found on Aisha’s Instagram profile and it is directly below:

In her Instagram post, Aisha adds: “[a]  big shout out to all of the fellow solidarity builders, mentors, and kind hearted people who continue to work collectively towards a more just future!”

The full Press Release from Whitman College can be found here.