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Civil War Redux?



In August 2022, Humanity in Action, Inc. Board Member Hans Binnendjik, along with David C. Gompert co-authored an article titled “Civil War Redux?.”

In the article, the academics question whether the deep divisions in today’s American society could lead to another violent civil war.

“While civil war between two halves of the United States is highly improbable today, geographically scattered, loosely coordinated paramilitary violence by the Far Right and ‘replacement’ militants cannot be deemed improbable,” the authors explain.

The article supports this argument by providing an organized overview of the causes of the 1861–1865 American Civil War, pointing out the similarities between the historical events and America today. For example, “much of the division today rests on differing economic predi­cates,” the authors write. And what is more, they write, “extreme media views once again polarize the na­tion.”