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The New Generation Voices - Social Cohesion



In Germany, Humanity in Action has partnered with the Bertelsmann Foundation North America on a new project titled “The New Generation Voices.” The project consists of a collection of digital animations portraying how young Germans and Americans see common global challenges and how the future can be shaped best by working together.

Today, we release the first video authored and narrated by Senior Fellow Shasti Conrad. She addresses social cohesion and asks what it looks like since the COVID-19 pandemic. And what does this mean for society and civic engagement?

Activism is here to stay.

Activism is here to stay. While activism may not look the same as it did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, society has proven that social cohesion is here to stay.

Upcoming videos authored and narrated by Humanity in Action Senior Fellows are about climate change, the digital revolution, and our state of democracy.

This animation is part of the Wunderbar Together 2021 initiative, funded by the Federal Foreign Office Germany, implemented by Goethe-Institut. Wunderbar Together is dedicated to promoting the robust relationship between Germany and the US, rooted in deep historic ties, shared values, and bold visions for the future.