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Humanity in Action Germany's Partnership with LMU Project Team "For Democracy"



“Populism is on the rise, both as a political and a scientific notion. In the political arena populism is used as a pejorative description of one’s political enemy. In political science and the public debate, on the other hand, the concept of populism helps to make core principles of liberal democracy more evident. Thus, by discussing the phenomenon of populism we can rediscover the normative and political foundations of a liberal-democratic, constitutional state.”

We recently entered a partnership with Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich’s Geschwister Scholl Institute of Political Science in the project For Democracy. Prof. Dr. Karsten Fischer, Dr. Astrid Séville and Marlene Schönberger conduct research on “Anti-Populism: Knowledge Transfer and Strategies in Citizenship Education”. Humanity in Action Germany is one of several civil society partners.

Find out more about the Project here, on Twitter or the project’s blog.

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