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Hotel Kong Frederik honors Herbert Pundik, co-founder of Humanity in Action



On Monday, October 19, ‘Hotel Kong Frederik’ (Hotel King Frederik) announced that they are honoring the co-founder of Humanity in Action, Herbert Pundik, by naming and dedicating one of their rooms to him and his wife Sussi. Room number “509” is now named “The Pundik Executive”. 

Herbert Pundik spent many years living in Israel, and since 1965 alternating between living in Tel Aviv and Copenhagen – one week in each place. Every week in Denmark was spent at ‘Hotel Kong Frederik’. In his press statement, Kenneth Pedersen, Chief Hotel Manager, talks about Pundik’s frequent and joyful presence:

Mr. and Mrs. Pundik were the only guests to have access to the hotel’s back corridor, where the kitchen used to put out some bread, butter, and toppings for the couple for when they needed a little meal.

“The year prior to Mr. Pundik’s passing I had a fun and exciting dialogue with him and his wife Sussi in our hotel lobby about their many stays here at our hotel”, Mr. Pedersen recalls. “Amongst other things, Mr. Pundik mentioned that he spent more than 6500 nights at our hotel throughout the last decades, over half of them after his employment for Politiken (National Danish Newspaper).”

“Although Mr. Pundik was honored with a name-plaque a long time ago amongst the other well-known guests at ‘Hotel Kong Frederik’, this specific celebration is to be seen as a long lasting and impactful expression for our respect throughout our decades together”, Mr. Pedersen explains.

Room #509, now ”The Pundik Executive”, all rights reserved Hotel Kong Frederik.

Chief Hotel Manager Kenneth Pedersen concludes his statement by saying, that “it is now almost a year since Herbert Pundik’s passing, and we miss both his and Sussi’s visits at our hotel. We have been in ongoing dialogue with Sussi, and are beyond happy that she also thought our little gesture to be a good idea. In this way, they are beautifully remembered in their home away from home both now and in the future. Our thoughts, the entire staff, present and past, are with Sussi and the family.”

Humanity in Action Denmark is grateful for this honor and show of appreciation of Herbert, and we hope many people will enjoy the “The Pundik Executive” and remember Herbert as the remarkable person he was.