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Healing the Earth: Getting to know Amber Due



In March 2023, Humanity in Action, Inc. welcomed a new team member: Amber Due.

Amber recently became our new Administrative Assistant. In this role, she works closely with the Operations and Admissions Manager and other members of the Humanity in action US team to ensure all aspects of Humanity in Action are running smoothly. “I am so excited to learn more about non-profit management,” Amber shared.

Currently based in New Mexico, Amber grew up in Washington State. From a young age, she enjoyed being outdoors and connecting with nature. With Olympic National Park as her backyard, she spent much of her time lounging under mossy trees, foraging for medicinal and edible plants, and swimming in the abundant lakes and rivers of the Pacific Northwest.

Choosing Environmental Science for her undergraduate studies was thus an obvious choice. During her time at the University of Oregon, Amber learned about the interrelatedness of environmental issues and human rights issues. She quickly became an advocate for environmental, climate, and social justice.

I am trying to make positive changes wherever I can…

Amber is very active and involved in her community. Prior to starting her studies, she was involved in the local food movement, advocating for local farmers, farmworker rights, and access to fresh foods for all. In addition to this, she has done conservation work for culturally and environmentally significant landscapes. The Land Back movement has been an inspiration in her career.

Today, not only does she continue to garden and raise food for herself, Amber is a volunteer who tirelessly helps her community. “I am trying to make positive changes wherever I can,” Amber shared.

She is currently a Grant Writer Intern for Tuesdays for Trash, an international organization addressing issues of waste management, plastic pollution, and climate justice. She helps to empower individuals to make a difference in their community while connecting to a global environmental movement.

In her free time, Amber enjoys the outdoors – camping, hiking, and backpacking are some of her favorite activities. She is also training for a half marathon and learning how to snowboard.