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Impacting the world through giving back: Getting to know Ashley Rodriguez



Humanity in Action is honored to introduce you to Ashley Rodriguez, our new Director of Philanthropic Engagement and Donor Relations!

Ashley was a first generation college student, which has always impacted the way she looks at the world. While in college, she was able to spend a semester abroad in Spain – and this experience completely transformed her world view! There, Ashley lived with a single host mother, whose struggles made Ashley think more critically about gender equality. With her international friends, she also gained a new perspective on racial inequalities as well as social justice matters urgent in both the US and Europe.

Today, Ashley especially enjoys observing the strategy behind politics. Mostly, she is interested in women’s rights and “keeping democracy alive.” This, she shares, is why she finds our Fellows’ projects truly inspiring.

Ashley has always wanted to give back, while also trying to better understand the world around her. “I have always been interested in the financial impact of social justice issues and how, ultimately, these inequalities affect not only an individual’s financial status but the overall economy as well,” Ashley adds.

After completing her Master’s studies, Ashley immediately began to work for non-profits, helping them fundraise necessary capital. In fact, one of her most favorite campaigns focused on fundraising for first generation college students and their traveling expenses!

Making the world more equitable makes me proud.

In 2020, the pandemic made Ashley reconsider her work-life balance, and also the way she is impacting the world. “Making the world more equitable makes me proud,” Ashley explains. That’s why she loves what she does – and why she is excited to join Humanity in Action.

However, when not crunching numbers or formulating new fundraising strategies, Ashley enjoys having a creative outlet. This is why she created Garden & Grace Florals, a small floral design boutique based in Gainesville, Florida. There, she creates breathtaking floral designs, and sources local and organic stems!

Ashley’s goal at Humanity in Action is ultimately to make our support efforts more sustainable and diversified. “It’s not just about the numbers,” she shares. Furthermore, Ashley is excited to work on community outreach.

In other words, the Humanity in Action community will soon hear from her! In the meantime, her inbox is open, so feel free to reach out to her via email.