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Ubuntu Rising: 25 Years Since Apartheid



Ubuntu Rising: 25 Years Since Apartheid is a documentary film being produced by Senior Fellow Jamal Grant (Lead Producer), Senior Fellow Devon Crawford (Associate Producer), Isabel Morgan (Associate Producer) and Yaovi Ayeh (Associate Producer) who together form the Asé Research Film team. In January 2018, the team began researching the history and challenges of post-apartheid life in South Africa since Mandela’s election. A little over a year later, in March 2019, the team led an expedition to South Africa where the filming of the documentary began.

The film takes viewers on a journey that explores the history of apartheid, inequality, and progress in South Africa 25 years after Mandela’s election. It seeks to provide context to the persisting economic, emotional, and societal challenges that live shallowly below the surface of both South African and American society.

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