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Looking to Heal the World: Getting to Know Louise Croue



Louise, our new Special Project Coordinator, is what many would call the ultimate global citizen. Born in France to a French family, since her childhood, Louise has been on the move following her father’s work travels, and exploring new corners of the world. Not only has she immersed herself in different cultures, she also learned about injustices across the globe. When asked where her home was, Louise simply replied that “home is taking a plane somewhere.”

Louise primarily grew up in Australia and Saudi Arabia. Spending years traveling across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, Louise saw the world’s inequalities, and quickly became passionate about human rights and social justice. From a very early age, she sought to help the world, and dreamed of working in journalism and the humanitarian field.

During her travels, Louise has experienced many transformative moments. To this day, her favorite travel memories are from Bali, Indonesia. Louise found the place incredibly peaceful and spiritual, and she connected with the local population over their kindness and love for nature. Once, with a close friend, they woke up at 4am to climb Mount Batur, an active volcano, to watch the sunrise (and hoping the entire time that monkeys wouldn’t steal their flashlight!). 

Louise’s travel experiences further shaped her academic path. She completed her bachelor’s in Anthropology and International Relations before earning a master’s degree in International Relations and Conflict and Security, focusing on the Middle East. 

Amplifying the voices of our Fellows and their projects is very inspiring for Louise and many feel close to her heart.

Since graduating in 2021, Louise has been exploring the ways she could contribute to making this world a better place. Still considering all possibilities, she says Humanity in Action gives her a new and unexpected way of helping the world: amplifying the voices of our Fellows and their projects is inspiring to Louise and many Fellows’ projects and work feel close to her heart. Louise started as a Project Assistant, primarily working on social media content, website write-ups, and impact reports. In her new Special Projects Coordinator role, she will work directly with Fellows in our Mapping Inequities Fellowship, among other projects. Her main goal for her time at HIA is to highlight all the wonderful things happening, despite these dark times. 

Louise has been exploring the ways she could contribute to making this world a better place.

In the future, Louise would love to move back outside of Europe. However, wherever she is, she hopes to continue to use her motivation and dedication to help people in need.

For now, before another cross-continental move happens, you can find her commuting between France and Belgium, her current home(s). Finally, Louise also loves moving her body and is currently training for a half-marathon. All there is left to say: good luck, Louise!