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Caught in Trumpistan



In his article, Humanity in Action Amsterdam Senior Fellow Matthijs Kronemeijer explains how he feels to live in the United States under the Trump Administration. He explains how his expectations of America have not always shaped into reality and how he reconciles this. Furthermore, he examines the paralysis many Americans find themselves in, being faced with a choice of leaving or staying without any real options to decide on.

“There certainly are alternatives to Trumpistan. Studying political science is perhaps not the best way to find out about them, but it does indicate some pitfalls and dilemmas anyone with political hopes and dreams will want to be aware of. As a migrant, I know about some ways Europeans have preserved their freedom and democracy that Americans might find valuable and also encouraging since they did do some great and generous things. I may write some about this if I find the time. Until then, I simply recommend talking to migrants how they feel about Trumpistan.”

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