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Short Film Co-Produced by Senior Fellow Tamar Guttmann Featured on Omeleto is Big Hit Online



Looking for movies to watch on the internet? Thin Ice, a short film that Senior Fellow Tamar Guttmann co-produced for her Action Project, is now featured on international online short film channel Omeleto. The short film that addresses fear for attacks and islamophobia is an online hit and got almost three hundred thousand views within a few weeks!

‘Thin Ice’, directed by Joosje Duk, takes place at an ice rink where employee Rink (played by Achmed Akkabi) is quietly overseeing the ice skating visitors. When he suddenly notices a “suspicious looking” boy sitting on a bench, Rink stressfully starts evacuating the ice rink. The film ends with a surprising plot twist. Make sure to watch the short film below and click here to learn more about the Action Project of Tamar.

The film addresses islamophobia and aims to make the implications and consequences of our fear for terrorist attacks a topic for discussion.