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Immersion in U.S. Politics on the Hill: The Lantos-Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship Experience



The Lantos Fellowship offers members of the Humanity in Action Network an opportunity to work with the U.S. Congress, for four months. Through the Fellowship they explore political issues spanning broad topics and take part in trips to visit and discuss with academics in a myriad of fields.

Daphné on the experience: “Its absolutely unique format! For four days a week, I was fully immersed on the Hill, working as a staffer and legislative assistant within the office of Congressman Juan Vargas from San Diego, California (CA-51). One day a week, I was part of an exceptional weekly seminar series to learn about American political, social, legal, economic, educational, religious, cultural, and human rights issues. The seminars included meetings with professionals from all sectors, seminars, debates, and study visits in DC and New York City.”

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