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John Lewis Fellow Marko Barišić Publishes Book: Mostar's Hurqualya The (Un)Forgotten City



The book is an interactive examination and understanding of both the city and the monument through the perspective of multiple storytellers. Each storyteller has its own symbol and their story can be followed through the book as a path, or the reader can read all the stories at once reading instead cover to cover. Barišić left space for readers to add their own experiences and accounts making the book constantly changing and unique to each reader.

“The publication of this book opens up a new opportunity for a dialogue with fragments of the past, present, and future so that the Partisan Monument can be seen through a broader frame, wherein there would be enough space for different understandings and opinions. We were motivated to write down some of the stories that dwell between an architectural plan, everyday use, and official representations. This is a place where emotions and personal memories are hidden, and where political visions clash, proving that the monument’s meanings are more diverse and complex than they first appear.”

Read the book here.