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The Global Compact on Migration Is Not About Sovereignty



Nick Micinski explains in his article the goals and guidelines of the Global Compact on Migration as well as analyzing the Trump administration’s decision to step out of the agreement, and possible reasons for doing so. Micinski elaborates that the agreement’s goal is to make migration safe non-legally binding and how to abide by the rights of migrants and also regulate migration in a safe way. He explains that the Trump administration does not want to increase migration in any way and the document might make that suggestion, although it has no power to enforce this. Micinski concludes by determining that the document has nothing to do with sovereignty and that the Trump administration is rejecting the document for other reasons.

“But all this does not matter because trashing the Global Compact on Migration is good for Trumpian politics. Trump can reward anti-globalist by denigrating another multilateral forum: another chance for chest thumping about national sovereignty. The Trump team can use the threat of unchecked migration or waves of desperate refugees to stoke anti-immigrant sentiment, even though the compact could actually restrict migration.”

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