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Aaron Spitler


Aaron Spitler is a researcher whose work is situated at the intersection of digital technologies and social justice. Presently, he explores this topic as Research and Communications Analyst at the Center for Democracy & Technology, a non-profit dedicated to promoting democracy in an era of digitization.

He has worked in a number of positions at organizations operating in this space, including the Berkman Klein Center and the International Telecommunication Union. Additionally, the question of how policymakers interested in technology can meet the needs of all people was the focus of his master’s at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

As part of Humanity in Action’s 2021 Sarajevo Fellowship, Aaron’s Action Project looked at digital inequalities in the Western Balkans. Specifically, he looked at disparities in access to “e-learning” for Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian students in Kosovo during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, collaborating with a local non-profit to raise awareness on this issue.

Updated December 2922