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Agata Lorenczyk


Agata Lorenczyk is a socially engaged student of Inter-faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities on Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Her main field of study is sociology, however, she also attends classes at the institutes of psychology and philosophy. Her main scientific interests are forced migration and social consequences of climate change. She has participated in several research projects on the issues mentioned. Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2022 she has been a volunteer in several organisations supporting Ukrainian refugees. Now, she is focusing on actions aimed at facilitating the assimilation of Ukrainian refugee children with their Polish peers. Agata is currently working on her bachelor’s thesis. The topic of her work concerns the just energy transition of Silesia, which is the largest coal region in Europe. The social problems associated with this dynamic process interest her both academically and personally, as she is a Silesian.

Updated May 2024