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Amanda Vijayakumar


Amanda Vijayakumar is an MSc student in International Politics and Governance, specialising in EU Politics. She completed her BA in International Studies and Cultural Encounters in 2022 and has written her bachelor thesis on NATO intervention in Kosovo in 1999. Since her studies, she has written several projects about international relations and energy security focusing particularly on the interconnection between EU politics and international law. As part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Ambassadors and member in Mino Ung, she is passionate about advocating the SDG and speaking up against discrimination against ethnic minorities’ rights.

In 2023, she interned with Nyt Europa in Copenhagen where she worked on ‘Fundamental Rights initiative’. Here she worked on the civil society within Denmark and how to navigate them to bigger action coalitions. In the future, she wants to help bridge the gaps between cultures, international relations and security, both nationally and internationally.

Updated May 2024