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Amée Zoutberg


With firm Dutch roots and a head in the sky, Amée Zoutberg believes that we make our own purpose in life. As a liberal arts scholar, Amée has taken the interdisciplinary approach to heart by specializing in development, investigative journalism, and international politics. More specifically, some of her experiences include serving as a project officer in Burkina Faso, as a communications officer in the European Commission, and as a grassroots journalist focused on breaking our hegemonic and paternalistic view of the world. Her work has been featured in many leading newspapers including The Brussels Times, VICE USA, MO*, HLN, AD, and others. These efforts have been recognized by the British Council, the Google News Initiative, and the EU. Currently, she is doubling down on positive humanitarian relations and global diplomacy. Most of all, Amée is looking forward to exploring new horizons, connecting internationally, and realizing true global impact through HIA.


Updated May 2022