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Ameli Cyr


Ameli Cyr (Xe/They/She) is a diversity and inclusion advocate whose latest study on accessibility at the University of Washington explored the nature and impact of perceptions of disability in academia. This study has formed the basis of xir guest lectures at conferences and in classes, and is currently being utilized to revise policy at the University of Washington School of Public Health. Xir recent work on gender socialization and neurodivergence was published this past fall in the Knots Disability Journal. Ameli specializes in the study of human rights and ethics; in 2023 xe graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Washington and was granted the Ezra Stotland Award and the GWSS Service Award in conjunction with xir Bachelor’s in three fields- Disability Studies, Gender Women & Sexuality Studies, and Law Societies & Justice. Currently, Ameli is pursuing a Master’s in Bioethics, and xe looks forward to xir next project.

Updated May 2024