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Anna Kikesheva


Anna Kikesheva is a socially engaged Ukrainian living and working in Germany. Anna has gained interdisciplinary working, educational, and volunteering experience in Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada. In Ukraine, she has been working with internally-displaced children through AIESEC and other smaller local NGOs. In Germany, she worked in a local start-up incubator, and became a part of the start-up community at the Digital Tech Academy in Nuremberg. In the last few years, she actively volunteered and supported the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program with fundraising and research activities. She did an internship at the Parliament of Canada, representing Ukraine in the first months of the full-scale invasion. Currently, Anna is working in a tech consultancy, building a community of international workers there and supporting other inclusion topics. She is passionate about intersectionality and preventing the further radicalization of societies.

Updated May 2023