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Anne Stalfort

Passionate about equal access to education


Anne Stalfort is head of fundraising at, Germany´s largest community for first generation students. In Germany, social background still determines whether individuals pursue higher education: Children whose parents hold a degree have a 3.3 times greater likelihood of studying at university than children whose parents do not hold a degree. When it comes to a doctoral degree, the likelihood is 10 times lower.’s vision is, that all children from non-academic families make well-informed choices about their educational career, more of them dare to strive for higher education and fewer drop out. Founded in 2008, has grown into a countrywide peer-to-peer mentoring community: About 6,000 volunteers are engaged in 80 local groups and have face-to-face meetings with more than 30,000 school and university students per year. In addition, offers several online support programs and interacts with its target groups through social media.

Prior to her engagement with, Anne worked for nine year’s as EU Liason Officer at our Berlin office.

Updated 2020