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Armin Wühle


Armin Wühle is a novelist, writer and playwright. He studied Creative Writing and holds a Master’s degree in history and sociology, with emphasis on globalization, postcolonialism and migration. Together with other activists, he initiated public art performances that demanded political asylum for whistleblowers or called for sea rescue programs in the Mediterranean. Besides his writings, he works for a NGO that treats traumatized refugees. His literary work is based within a variety of topics, including migration, social injustice, post-war societies, and LGBTIQ*-topics. He was awarded a literary scholarship by the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize in 2015 and received the Franz-Edelmaier-Stipend for Literature and Human Rights 2017. His debut novel “Getriebene” was deeply influenced by his Humanity in Action Sarajevo Fellowship and by further journalistic investigation he undertook in Lebanon. The novel will be published February 2021 by Marix Verlag

Updated December 2020