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Cassandra Meador


Cassandra Meador is a community-oriented and service-minded leader dedicated to restoring agency and empowerment to disenfranchised and incarcerated communities. Currently, Cass is working with the City of Tulsa to pioneer the distribution of federal covid-relief grants into investments that ensure equity, resiliency, and transformational change for the people of Tulsa. Their academic and professional background is in poverty, trauma, and women and gender issues, all of which help them to develop diverse and inclusive communities that empower those they serve. Cass’s passion for writing and creativity merges with her passion for service in their work with Poetic Justice. Their research focuses range from PTSD and nightmares to building community in tabletop roleplaying games. Their international studies and work abroad are also diverse, and range from fighting poverty and substance abuse in Chile to discussing gender equity strategies with activists and politicians in Iceland.

Updated July 2022