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Cate Schultz


Cate Schultz graduated in May (Psychology and HDFS) from UNC Chapel Hill and will be a PhD candidate in Developmental and Educational Psychology at Boston College this fall. Passionate about play to support children’s coping strategies and mental health, Cate worked for the last two years at Wonder Connection, which provides science and nature activities to pediatric hospitals. Her favorite activity was exploding glitter volcanoes in patient’s rooms! Cate researched play, cognitive performance, and childhood psychopathology at UNC’s Neurocognition and Imaging Research Lab last summer at the University of Cambridge PEDAL Centre. An avid lover of the outdoors, she has also served as a UNC expedition staff leader, further inspiring her to advocate for conservationism. Cate is excited to join Copenhagen Fellows in June, and then in July will be leading a Project for Peace grant-funded intervention to bring STEM and sustainable outdoor gardening to refugee children in Denmark.

Updated May 2024