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Christiana Bukalo

Senior Program and Business Development Manager


Christiana is a social change maker, Trustee of the European Network on Statelessness, and Co-founder of Statefree. Statefree is a digital space, which invites stateless people to connect to each other and create community between themselves and their allies.

As a stateless person born and raised in Germany, she has had first-hand experience with the lack of transparency and awareness around statelessness. Christiana aims to fill this void by building a space which allows stateless people to actively participate in the conversations that concern them.

Christiana has a background in Media and Communication and a varied pool of experiences ranging from Communication, Change Management, Organizational Design and Culture to Diversity Management. The connective thread across all of Christiana’s work lies in her passion for positive change and the enthusiasm to create innovative and engaging paths towards transformation.

“Being without nationality shouldn’t mean that you don’t belong. Statelessness causes exclusion and is affecting millions of people. With I’m inviting stateless people, like me, to speak up and create community despite their circumstances.”

Learn more about Christiana’s Landecker Democracy Fellowship project here.

Updated November 2021