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Colin Tredway


Colin Tredway was raised in a small town in rural North Georgia, and attended the University of North Georgia, graduating with a degree in history and a double minor in German language and anthropology. He has had a special interest in how wealth inequality, poverty, and lack of opportunity, affect the lives of different peoples. He focuses on his home region of Appalachia and the effects these issues have on those residing in this region. He is hoping to continue his studies and obtain a master’s degree in political science or international relations so that he may work in government to help solve problems like environmental destruction, wealth inequality, and human exploitation. He hopes, in doing so, to help those underrepresented and largely forgotten in wider society.

In his free time, Colin enjoys Brazilian Jiujitsu, fencing, Krav Maga, assisting at his church, hiking, reading, writing, and traveling.


Updated May 2022