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Cristina Margarita Carbonell Betancourt


Cristina Margarita Carbonell Betancourt is an interdisciplinary researcher and environmental activist with international working experience in the public, private and third sector. She holds a degree in Law, and master’s degrees in Public Management and State Sciences. As a doctoral candidate at the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, she looks at the role that the UN’s semi-legal mechanisms like the Individual Communications might play on the different dimensions of environmental peacebuilding.  She further works with survivors of domestic violence, as well as unhoused people in the winter time. This colorful mix of experiences, disciplines and regions continuously provides her with inspiration and unique networking skills, while actively increasing her sensitivity for cultural and gender-based issues. Willingness to learn and a resourceful and proactive nature makes her enjoy finding solutions to the problems she’s presented with. Life’s varied experiences have made her keen on learning about herself and the world around her. She’s an earthling from Venezuela, who’s forever curious and values the power of community-driven transformation.


Updated June 2024