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Emanuel Yekutiel

Owner, Manny's


Manny Yekutiel is the owner of Manny’s – a physical civic gathering space in San Francisco that combines a non-profit restaurant, bar, coffee shop, political bookstore, and civic events space. The purpose of the Manny’s is to create a place to go to become a better informed and more involved citizen. Manny’s was awarded Small Business of the Year by the California State Senate in 2019, hosted 17 of the Democratic presidential candidates, and was featured in the New York Times, the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and the San Francisco Chronicle. He also serves on the board of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the Valencia Corridor Merchants Association, and the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco 

Before building Manny’s, Manny was Deputy Northern California Finance Director for Secretary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Chief of Staff of, a field organizer on President Obama’s 2012 campaign in New Hampshire, and a White House intern.

Updated November 2021