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Enno Koops


Enno Koops is often described as highly energetic, a generalist at heart, and a lawyer. Currently, Enno is a Senior Legislative Adviser to the Members of the Council of the State of the Kingdom. The Council is a constitutionally independent branch of the government, and provides advice on all draft legislation, and all other policies deemed appropriate. For the last ten years, he has served in all three branches of the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Enno has served the positions of Judiciary (Judge/Prosecutor), Independent Supervisory Agent for financial institutions, and Legislative Adviser to Parliament. Enno has also worked as Head of Legislative Affairs for the Government of the autonomous Island of Sint Maarten (Caribbean). Enno has founded and been a board member of critical mass foundation (conflict education for high school students) and Ellamo Foundation (promotion of commercial European film). He sees himself as a moderate pacifist, serves as educator for the Red Cross to promote Humanitarian Law, enjoys hiking in the mountains and skiing, and loves debating and critical thought. There seems to be no circumstance which can prevent him from enjoying moving pictures.


Updated March 2017