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Francesca Lupia


Raised in Ann Arbor, MI, Francesca Lupia is a rising senior at Stanford University with a major in Human Biology and minors in East Asian Studies and Italian. They are broadly interested in the influence of early experience on human well-being and identity formation. An intern at the Santa Clara County Office of Reentry Services, Francesca is conducting honors research on parenting among formerly incarcerated women. They study racial and gender-based bias in preschoolers through Stanford’s Social Cognition and Development Lab, and they researched cultural identity among Chinese immigrants to Italy while studying abroad in Florence. Francesca is also dedicated to promoting dialogue and cooperation between China and the United States. As co-president of the Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford (FACES), they organized a five-day academic conference on China-US relations. Francesca hopes to pursue graduate coursework in law and public policy, supporting a career in criminal justice reform advocacy.

Updated May 2018