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Frederikke Høgsgaard


In 2014, Frederikke moved to Copenhagen from Aarhus to begin her studies at Roskilde University in International Studies. At the same time, she moved into the lives of her four flatmates from around the world. During the last few years she has come to be very active in student politics – internationally, nationally and at her university. At the moment, she uses most of her time at a partnership project with the student organisation ZINASU in Zimbabwe. Throughout the project, she has had the chance to arrange two seminars with ZINASU in South Africa and thereby got to know them as people and as student activists. Throughout her studies, Frederikke has done fieldwork at Lesbos during the ‘refugee crisis’ and at ActionAids Global Platform in Zambia. She is very fascinated by social movements as a way of creating ‘development’. When she has time, she paints, sings, winter baths, and reads.

Updated May 2018