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Gilberto Morishaw


Gilberto, born in Curacao and currently living in the city of The Hague is a Master’s student of Public Administration at Leiden University. This past year he launched a thinktank about food security in the Dutch Caribbean for the Dutch ministry of Agriculture. He also launched the Demcoratic Innovator’s network together with the US Embassy. He is a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum where he is leading a project on inclusion. Furthermore he is an Ambassador for the African Caribbean Pacific Young Professionals Network where he focuses on fighting inequities. He also co-founded his own political party in the Hague and was also president of a student-party. Next to all of this he also sings, plays the piano, does poetry and gives workshops about improvisation and project management and is launching his own consulting ocmpany on the Future of Work.

Updated May 2019

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