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Hope Hack


Hope Hack Petersen is an Army Officer and graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work and a Certificate in Gender Violence Intervention student at VCU. Hope seeks to pursue the Army’s Social Work Internship Program upon graduating with her M.S.W. so that she may provide services to improve the mental well-being of Soldiers. Hope’s life missions are to support and advocate for survivors of sexual violence and to end sexual violence perpetration in the military. As a survivor herself, Hope has experienced the injustices within the system of reporting sexual violence. Hope believes, however, that systemic and cultural change is possible,. She is striving towards that goal in her daily work through building communities and empowering the voices of survivors. Hope uses her podcast, the You Inspire Me Podcast, to empower women through sharing their stories.


Updated April 2021