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Iggy Nacho Hryniewicz


Born at the seaside of Poland and raised in the city of Warsaw, Iggy is a student of School of Ideas, faculty combining design thinking with social and cultural innovation. He previously studied New Media and Marketing & Management but after an eye-opening community service in India his deep need for raising awareness and creating social change emerged. Since then Iggy is co-creating a project Synergy Collective, dedicated to culture animation, fundraising and bringing important issues like equal human rights, refugee crisis or hate speech into the spotlight. Since early 2017, Synergy successfully organized 5 differently themed events (1 in Berlin), which hosted few thousand people and gathered more than 22.000 złoty for charity. Currently, he’s preparing the biggest event to date with the Academy of Fine Arts, which will be dedicated to ecology and protecting the environment and will take place in Botanical Garden, and a collaboration with OFF Festival 2018.

Updated May 2018