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Ike Krijnen


Ike Krijnen is a Dutch poet, spoken word and voice-over artist. He teaches spoken word at the cultural organization of the University of Amsterdam, CREA. He studied art, philosophy, and psychology, and obtained his BA in 2007. He also studied film at UCLA and worked as a script supervisor. In 2015, Ike was nominated for a Van Dale SPOKEN Award, the very first, Dutch spoken word award. He graduated from the creative writing school Schrijversvakschool in Amsterdam (2018), with a major in poetry. His works have been published in ROAR Magazine, Dawg Review, and the anthologies of the Turing National Poetry Contest (2017, 2018) in the Netherlands. Ike is inspired by and aspires to strong imagery in his writing, as well as raising awareness on the limitations of human constructs in relation to social issues. By writing, and not only performing but also creating video poetry, he combines his passion for the literary, performance and visual arts.

Updated February 2021