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Iza Orłów


Izabela is a student of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology in Warsaw, Poland. In her field of research in Ukrainian Carpathians she has investigated topics of religious pluralism and the relationship between community and personal identity. Her studies were a practical course of crossing boundaries between herself and the “Other” and understanding people despite any discrepancies. In acordance with this, she works at a refugee center in Warsaw, where, for over three years, she has been working as an educator. There, she co-lead there a daycare for youth with experiences of forced migration. The efforts of her small team aim to integrate youth of different origins and provide them with an opportunity for safe play and self-development. They also counteract educational inequities and help refugee families to orientate in a new reality. As a second occupation, she is a teaching assistant in a kindergarten and a school for children with multiple disabilities.


Updated May 2019