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Janneke Moazizi


Janneke Moazizi is an MSc student in International Relations with a specialisation in Global Refugee Studies. Born and raised in Germany, she moved to Denmark for her studies, and completed her BA in Cultural Studies in 2022 and has written her bachelor thesis on the Afghan diaspora in Denmark. Since then, she has written several semester projects about bordering practices, focusing particularly on dangerous and underreported borders such as the Durand Line and the Darién Gap. She has a background in journalism and content writing, and is passionate about supporting Afghanistan and its people. In 2023, she interned with IOM Germany in Nuremberg where she supported IOM’s mission to provide humane AVRR to migrants in Germany. In the future, she wants to help bridge the gaps between cultures, and make inter-cultural communication more accessible to everyone.

Updated April 2024