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Jennifer Pham


Growing up with a mix of Danish, Canadian and Vietnamese influences, Jennifer Pham has spent 25 years chasing the idea of ‘home’ from a cross-continental airplane seat. With the submission of her thesis on private sector engagement in humanitarian assistance, Jennifer recently earned a master degree in Global Governance from Copenhagen Business School, on top of a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University. Now a consultant at Dalberg Global Development Advisors, Jennifer spends her time growing a global innovation platform that annually recruits one thousand young minds to co-create new solutions targeted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, thereby taking inspiration from the idea that “diversity is the engine of innovation.” In her spare time, Jennifer is writing a novel that is part-cookbook, part-memoirs gathered from the Vietnamese diaspora community, and part a call to action to tackle migrant education and resource inequalities.

Updated May 2018