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Joan Nunnely



Joan Nunnely is a Rotterdam entrepreneur with a heart for strategic management, dynamic leadership and talent development. 

“As an entrepreneur I always think ahead and I am driven and goal-oriented. I am involved and seek the space to hear the voice of the other. In addition, I dare to set boundaries that are important in inclusion issues. I have a Rotterdam mentality that is authentic and sincere. With my energy, heart for strategic management and dynamic leadership, I am committed to art & culture, talent development and an inclusive labor market. With my knowledge and experience with regard to emancipation within different groups, I see opportunities and possibilities to make a different contribution and thereby approach or interpret processes differently. My administrative and management experience ensures that I can be operational quickly and keep the strategic goal clearly in mind.”

“As a board member I want to contribute to the social projects of Humanity in Action to work together towards an inclusive society where everyone can be themselves”.



December 2021