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John Esteban Rodriguez


Esteban is a Master’s student in the Sociology of Gender, Politics, and Sexuality program at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, France. His research interests include immigration, the use and management of ethno-racial statistics, digital practices, and sexual minorities. Esteban wrote his first master’s thesis on the use of ethno-racial categories by gay men in two dating applications in Paris, France. This year he will focus on exploring the impact of immigration on couples, marriage, and singlehood in France. Esteban has worked as a Data Analyst and Case Worker for one of the largest asylum aid organizations in France. He is also currently working as a researcher for INED, the biggest demography institute in France. In his spare time, Esteban is active as a member of Democrats Abroad and France for Bernie. He also has recently co-started a podcast: Over/Turn: Books for a Just Society.

Updated in May 2020