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Karolina Osiak


Karolina Osiak is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow on a mission to support people in making a positive change in their lives. Her coaching skills, certified by Erickson International, and her psychology background, make her a great coach for anyone that wants to make a change in their career.

Karolina is passionate about helping shape the leaders of tomorrow through fundamental leadership practices like self-development, team building, and inclusivity. She also supports the growth and development of teams with coaching and workshops.

She is especially driven to work with leaders and organizations that want to make a positive impact on the world. 

Working with key2advance, she has co-created the Next Generation Leadership Program for leaders that want to take their growth and development to the next level.

Apart from Poland, Karolina has lived in Belgium, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Spain, and Taiwan. She is fluent in Polish and English and has a good command of Spanish and German.

More information about her coaching practice can be found on her website.


Updated August 2021