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Marie-Louise Skov Jensen


Marie-Louise Skov Jensen holds a BA in History from University of Copenhagen and works as a freelance TV producer and researcher at Danish Broadcast Corporation, producing historical documentaries. Most recently, she has written and produced one of the episodes of the docudrama The History of Greenland and Denmark for DR1. She is currently enrolled at University of Southern Denmark studying a master’s degree in academic journalism. She has also completed master’s courses in human rights and international law. Her key interests include human rights issues, especially within cultural rights, as well as international conflicts and their historical implications. With experience in communicating complex historical issues to a broad audience, Marie-Louise’s professional ambition is to make knowledge on human rights issues accessible to more people. In a time where information (and misinformation) is ubiquitous, the accessibility of evidence-based information is crucial if we want to promote constructive democratic discussions.


Updated June 2022